About Us

Welcome to Learn From Apps! Learn on the go! Just like how we need to exercise to keep our body fit, our brain needs the same exercise routine to keep it fit. Here at Learn From Apps we provide innovative and clever apps to keep your mind sharp and exercising at all times.

  • Rohit Gosain
    MD, Comp. Engg.

    Dr. Rohit Gosain is the CEO and Co-founder of Learn From Apps. He always had a keen interest in medicine, but long before he could realize that, he finished his computer engineering degree from Waterloo University and worked for Barclays Capital and Infusion Development as a “Software Project Manager”. His ongoing desire to make a difference in someone’s life dictated a change in his career path. After finishing his medical school, he is currently doing Internal Medicine residency in Batlimore, Maryland.

    With his intriguing background, Dr. Gosain continues to play a vital role in bridging the gap between medicine and technology. He has been able to shape an organization (Learn From Apps) outreaching 75,000+ users with mobile apps that are widely available on Apple and Android app stores.

  • Rahul Gosain

    Dr. Rahul Gosain is the President and Co-Founder of Learn From Apps. Initially after his Bachelor of Life Science (Major) & Economics (Minor) from McMaster University, he completed his Doctor of Medicine degree in 2012. He was trained in Internal Medicine at The Johns Hopkins University – Sinai Hospital, Baltimore and is currently enrolled in Hematology and Oncology fellowship at James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Louisville.

    His interest in teaching, interacting with students, and focus on efficiency continues to be the driving factor for “Learn on the go” at Learn From Apps. Along with his team, he envisions to provide interactive study tools for medical students, pharmacy students, residents, physicians, and nurses.

Why Learn From Apps

Given time constraints in this competitive world it becomes important to manage the time well and learn tricks to master the key concepts. Considering those things in mind, we have launched apps that will help you keep your mind sharp, and help you outperform on your boards. We firmly believe these apps will improve your board scores, strengthen your basics, and augment the probability of becoming great physicians, nurses, pharmacists or whatever you pursue.

What we can do for you

Mnemonics apps provide you with easy tricks to memorize complex material and think fast in time-constrained situations. While Question of the Day apps provide you with a high-yield board style question to master your concepts on the go.


We sincerely value your feedback. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please contact us at: contactus@learnfromapps.com