Medical School Application Tracker allows you to do the following & much more

  • Add medical programs you have or want to apply to
  • Filter schools based on your own personalized needs
  • Add interview dates to your personal calendar
  • Access details for every medical school in USA, Canada, & Puerto Rico
  • Map your program and organize your travel
  • Rate & develop your own program summary to analyze schools objectively


Great User Experience.

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    My Programs

    Comprehensive list. Add programs you want to apply to

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    List of schools offered you admission in their med school

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    Filter schools based on your personalized needs

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    Track scheduled and completed interviews, and stay organized

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    Rate & develop your own program summary

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    Map Locations

    Map your programs and organize your travels

How "Medical School Application Tracker" Works


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Medical School Application Tracker will provide you with all the details that you are looking for, in order to be successful during one of the most stressful parts of your career. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices